Engineered by Hardcore League of Legends' Summoners

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Realtime Game Search

Scout your opponents and decide if it's a tryhard worthy game

Champion win ratio

It may be their first time or their 200th time, it doesn’t matter; What matters is whether they know how to carry with that pick or not

Mastery level

Don’t wait for that scrub to flash that level 7 in your face after first blood. play smart against him!

Summoner win ratio

How well are your opponents doing this season? Stomp those 30% win ratio scrubs

Keystone mastery

On the toilet seat while loading your game? Check your opponent’s key mastery on the go

Champion KDA

Are they the carry type? The passive type? Or Sir dies a lot - pun intended - Know how ‘campable’ your opponent is


But always remember, a scrub is always a scrub, no matter what division they’re in

Champion Rotation

Check if Rito has your main champ in the free pool for this week to decide whether you're gonna level up that smurf account or play on your main one.

Server Status

Check your region's server status before cancelling your plans for tonight. Who knows EUW might be down again and you will have to socialize this weekend while Rito patches it up. We will also show you errors or warnings from Rito if let's say Yorick is disabled again - Who would want to ever play the game again if this happens!

It's Awesome

The most reliable League of Legends companion app.


Unlike EUW servers we will make sure to the app is always up and running.

New Features

We are constantly adding new and exciting features to the application.

We Listen

No matter how stupid your ideas really are we might consider implementing them in the app.


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